Achim Lengerer
Little Body Beating Heart: REHEARSALS WITH SALLY

Performance with Sally Musleh Jaber.

Wednesday 16. November, 2011
8 p.m.
Frise, Arnoldstraße 26, 22765 Hamburg.

Do you remember, Sally? Must be three years since I wrote this for the first show in Belgium. The work was very different then, it even had a different title (and numerous titles since then, sorry for that!). Somehow I don't think we should use the text for the performance in Hamburg?
Or what do you think? See you soon for the rehearsals ... Achim

"When we were little, on all fours in the gardens, we all had time. The rain wets the edge of the fountain; I sit in the damp grass of the garden ... slowly towards the left, my head turns slowly forward, slowly towards the right. Trust. Beginning. For you, telling the story through me. That's the point; the story should flow through you, halting, stumbling, racing, like a moment of incidental memory into which you fall, as into a timeless place, with your arms wide open. A movement without a real place, a movement that takes place in the body, in me, but is not located biologically. Man, boy, woman, girl. Child - who cares?

*Little Body Beating Heart is kindly supported by
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