Some examples of the 21-hour broadcast:

The Biennial is Fascist
The Student Movement of Venice tried to sabotage the 1968 Biennial while David Lamelas was changing the system from within. With David Lamelas and Ciara di Steffano.

The Biennial is Fascist MP3

December 7, 1989, East Berlin
The first meeting of the East German Round Table where members of East German citizen movements met with government representatives to discuss the future of the German Democratic Republic. With Elske Rosenfeld.

December 7th 1989 MP3

By November It Was Already Different

A conversation about Opposition and the Church in the last days of the German Democratic Republic.
With Marianne Birthler and Rocco Pagel.

By November it was already different MP3

Czech political prisoners in the communist era formed a special kind of brotherhood that lasted years after their release. With Jana Kopelentova Rehak and Marie Tuckova.

Mukelhood MP3

Something is Going to Happen
The violent, xenophobic riots in Rostock-Lichtenhagen shortly after the unification of Germany. With Wolfgang Richter and Cornelia Schmalz Jacobsen.

Something is going to happen MP3