Dani Gal and Achim Lengerer work with sound documents such as speeches, political and personal statements and other soundtracks that documented and constructed current history. They conceptualise the radio medium as a pure acoustic instrument; the listener is unable to verify the source of the sound and therefore his_hers experience is shaped by a specific political view as well as by the manipulation of the broadcasters.
For documenta 14 Gal and Lengerer produced the daily radio program "different time, different place, different pitch" that focused on political and historical events that were shaped by acoustic features or sound documents that have a significant political meaning. The lack of a visual aspect which is inherent to the definition of acousmatics challenges the construction of history through media in times of constant live video and photo feeds. 1. The Biennale is Fascist The Student Movement of Venice tried to sabotage the 1968 Biennale while David Lamelas was changing the system from within. With David Lamelas and Ciara di Steffano. 2. December 7, 1989, East Berlin The first meeting of the East German Round Table where members of East German citizen movements met with government representatives to discuss the future of the German Democratic Republic. With Elske Rosenfeld. 3. By November It Was Already Different A conversation about Opposition and the Church in the last days of the German Democratic Republic. With Marianne Birthler and Rocco Pagel. 4. From Beirut to Gaza Ghazi Barakat talks about growing up under the shadow of the Palestinian struggle and how this experience translates into his musical work. With Ghazi Barakat. 5. Five Broken Microphones Miriam Schickler recorded sound fragments from the reality of state violence against Palestinians in the West Bank as means of activism and music making. With Miriam Schickler. 6. Mukelhood Czech political prisoners in the communist era formed a special kind of brotherhood that lasted years after their release. With Jana Kopelentova Rehak and Marie Tuckova. 7. Something is Going to Happen The violent, xenophobic riots in Rostock-Lichtenhagen shortly after the unification of Germany. With Wolfgang Richter and Cornelia Schmalz Jacobsen. http://www.documenta14.de/en/public-radio/13778/savvy-funk http://www.deutschlandfunkkultur.de/savvy-funk.3266.de.html